Our Products

Hereford Beef Reared on our holding in the Usk valley. Dry aged for 21-28 days to ensure taste and tenderness

-Rib eye/Sirloin steaks (8oz) £6.29 (10oz) 7.97

-Rump steaks (8oz) £4.27 (10oz) £5.41 (12oz) £6.55

-Fillet Steaks (6oz) £6.79 (8oz) £8.99

-T-bone (500g) £9.45

-Topside £12.99kg

-Brisket £9.99kg

-Rib of beef £15.99kg

-3lb Mince Pack £9.95

-3lb Diced beef pack £10.95


Shropshire Farm assured Chicken

-Chicken Supremes Skin on/Bone-in 8oz £2.25

-Pack of 4 Skinless Supremes £7.99

-Whole chicken Medium £6.99 (1.4 kg) Large (2kg) £8.99

-Chicken Thighs (Bone In) £5.99

-Chicken wings £4.99

-Spatchcock Chicken £7.99 in either Spanish harbour or African Sunshine

-Duck breast (8oz-9oz) £3.99 each

-Chicken Dishes 2 portion £6.50: Hunters chicken, Honey and Mustard, Lemon and Coriander, Bombay curry, Cajun, Caribbean, Garlic and Yogurt, Mushroom, Piri Piri

-Duck breasts in orange and mint sauce £7.50

-12 Meat balls in a tomato sauce £6.50

-BBQ pack 4 persons £10.99

-Mixed grill £5.99


Home reared Welsh Lamb

-Leg of lamb £10.99

-Boneless shoulder of lamb £11.99

-Leg of lamb steaks £20.99

-Loin lamb Chops, Double/single £14.99

-Lamb shanks £4.29 each

-Minced Lamb £9.99kg

-Diced Lamb £14.99kg

-Lambs Liver £6.99kg

 (Shoulders, Steaks and Chops can be either minted or plain)


PGI Pork - Sourced from the Vale of Glamorgan

-Pork steaks (8oz) £2.24

-Pork chops (10-12oz) £2.49

-Belly slices £ 7.99kg

-Loin of pork £9.99

-Pork schnitzel (Mexican or Paprika) £2.24 each

-Leg of pork £6.99kg

-Shoulder collar of pork £7.99kg


Bacon - All cut in house

-2Kg Catering pack of bacon £9.99

-Dry cure Bacon/Maple Bacon/Smoked bacon/Streaky bacon £9.99kg

-Home cured Middle Bacon £12.99kg

-Maple cure bacon steaks (8oz) £2.24

-Gammon Steaks £7.99kg

-Gammon Joint £6.99kg


Sausages – All homemade

-Thick/Thin Pork sausage £8.99

-Speciality Flavours £8.99kg: Pork and leek, Dragon, Cumberland, Pork and Black Pudding

-Sausage Meat £ 8.99



-Beef/ Lamb and Mint Burger (4oz) £1.00 (6oz) £1.50


Cooked Meats

-Homemade Faggots (tray of 6) £3.49each

-Cooked Ham (500g pack) £5.99

-Black Pudding £4.99kg

-Pork pie Small £1.95, Large Pork Pie £3.95


Sauces/ Jams/ Misc

-Verstagen sauces (80ml): Stilton, Steak Diane, Mushroom, Peppercorn, Honey and -Mustard, Béarnaise £1.39 each

-Dylan’s Sauces £3.25: Red (260g), Brown (280g), BBQ (280g), Sweet chilli (270g)

-Piccalilli (280g) £4.50


-Honey (340g) £6.95

-Jams/Marmalades/Chutneys (340g) £3.89 each

-Dylan’s Sauces £3.25: Red (260g), Brown (280g), BBQ (280g), Sweet chilli (270g)

-Piccalilli (280g) £4.50


-Snowdonia Cheeses £4.79 each: Black bomber, Red devil, Green thunder, Ruby Mist, Natures necture, Ginger spice, Pickle power

-Homemade Beef Dripping £1.49

-Eggs: Hen £1.40, Duck £2.50, Tray of 20 £4.49

-Pork scratchings £1.99 Tub

-Apple juice (70cl) £3.49


-Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables ring for availability